Breast Surgeries – Article Finally Finished

It’s about time I wrote about this.

Timely actually.  As two years ago last week I went in for a second Wide Local Excision, to remove remaining cancer cells from the tumour I’d had removed a month before, and to get clear margins around the site.

It seems more surreal now than ever, as I busy about at work, nagging my male colleagues into making sure they’ve done this, done that, updated this, answered that.

Surreal that I went through what I did.  What that was actually me? 

That white noise so loud for so long, has now quietened down, and for most of the day I don’t think about having had it.

Breast Surgery Anniversary

I still felt odd last week.  I woke up on that particular day a bit…well…grumpy.  I was impatient with the kids before school, annoyed with my husband for leaving mud in the hall, frustrated with the drivers on the way to work, then sat in the car park and cried for 10 minutes!  I’d like to say that it was all down to thinking about that day two years ago, but actually – blaming that was just an easy thing to do.

I knew it was mainly down to the fact that I’d had a couple of weeks without the Tamoxifen drugs, and going cold turkey was not fun.

Yes – having taken a year for the body to get used to them, the body was now having to adjust to being without them for 4-6 weeks, before I have my gallbladder removed.

Then of course I can start them again, inevitably resulting in re-adjustment AGAIN.  You can imagine I’m not really looking forward to this.  Especially as it’s been reiterated over and over:

“Do not miss a dose….take it the same time EVERY day….do not miss a dose…take it the same time EVERY day…it’s the best form of prevention of re-occurrence….etc etc.”

So mentally, I’m trying NOT to think that in those 4-6 weeks it could come back.  Of course, the risk is much much lower than that of getting a blood clot in surgery, hence why they’re telling me to stop them.

Sigh….I digress.

Some people don’t think about dates as much as others.  I fall into the latter category.  Always have been good with remembering dates.  Not so much during the Chemonesia period, mind you, when I couldn’t really remember how to speak sense!

So yes blaming the two-year anniversary as to my mood that morning wasn’t strictly true, it was just the icing on a (well missed huge slice of Victoria Sponge) cake.

Click here to read the new article (don’t worry – there are NO frightening pictures included!)

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