“I’m Fine”…

“I’m Fine”…

It’s only 18 months since hospital treatment ended. I say only, because I was naive to think I’d be ‘fine’ a lot sooner.

Fatigue, side effects from Tamoxifen, and most of all the on going mental struggle of the whole picture are things others cant see.

But meeting with those who have been there, laughing, sharing, gives me such a lift, and then writing about various aspects, is my way of helping myself. Because I’ve learnt that’s what I have to do.

‘I’ll get there’ seems to be the line I use now.

And I will 🙂.

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  1. Debbie MacMorran says:

    I am truly inspired by our posts Claire, even though only a passing acquaintance from way back in Rainbow days with Jack and Faith, I have followed your journey and am so glad I signed up to your blog. Keep going and look forward to the days when “fine” will really mean “fine”. xx

    • cancermereally says:

      Oh thank you for signing up! I often hear about you as I meet with Emma more often now. Can you believe Jack is near 5ft 9!! Where did those little people go lol?? Hope you are well and yes, that day when I really am FINE will hopefully be soon! 🙂

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