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I didn’t keep a daily diary during my treatment for Breast Cancer. It wasn’t my intention at the time to blog about it all. But I did fill in the Macmillan Organiser book that the hospital gave me before Chemo began.  Mainly for the Oncologist’s benefit who suggested it would be a good idea to write down any ‘difficulties’ I may experience.

She had seen many patients walk through her door ready for the next infusion, who said ‘oh yes I was fine’, and their partner/family member/friend just look at them and say…”er sorry??”

The memory – sorry – the drugs affecting the memory – make you forget, and the brain certainly wants you to forget.

So I had all the daily ‘difficulties’ noted, and reading it all again, bit by bit, I found hard to do.  Tears flowed a few times.  But it is an area of course that needed to be written and uploaded to my Website.

I’ve had the time recently to do this, and have completed the Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy sections.  I hope they are of help to people going through this, or help people who are caring for those who are or have done.  Of course it wouldn’t be me without a little humour thrown in to what has been a very dark period of my life.

Links are shown below for you.

Claire x


Chemotherapy – The Final Stretch

Side Effects and How I Coped

Does Chemo Affect the Skin?

Nail Loss During Chemo


How Did Radiotherapy Affect the Skin?


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