I’m Back!!

Hello everyone!  Yes I know – it’s been 6 months since I last posted on my website.

It’s been a tough time in my life, up and down, lots going on, and I kind of had Writer’s Block!

But now I am focusing on writing some articles over the coming weeks, as – like many of you – I am currently in lock-down in the UK, in quarantine, not allowed to leave my property.

So it’s fingers to the keyboard.

This is of course trying to concentrate along with a 12 year old daughter, who has decided to bake cakes or biscuits at least 3 times a week, and narrate the whole process as she goes.  She is bored stiff as the schools are closed and homeschooling can only last so long in the day.  She wants to go back to school!

So if any random words like vanilla, cream, whisk or Mum!! I need you!! accidentally appear in the articles, please just ignore it.

On the other end of the scale I have a 15 year old who would just sit on his PlayStation for 8 hours a day with his friends, because, and I quote:

I’m not allowed out to SEE my friends, so I’m still be social, chatting to them online.  AND there’s no Rugby, AND there’s no Athletics, and I want to go back soon….so there can still be Sports Day at school!

Well I didn’t really have much of a comeback to that. However once school work starts again properly, he will be able to concentrate on that and I won’t worry so much.

So for the meantime, keep well, stay safe, and look out for emails from me with new articles soon.

Love Claire xx

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