A Little Bit About Me

Born in the early 70’s, Mum to two fabulous teenage children (biased of course), music lover, aspiring writer, new author, and IT Service Desk tech, helping out staff, academics and students with their daily techy frustrations.

I’m just a normal 40-something, now working full-time (eek), still trying to juggle the logistics of kids’ activities, taxi driver, trying to eat something healthy and not at 10pm, and collapsing in the chair for the evening pretty worn out. Aren’t we all like that…?

I do also have a love for researching family history, doing a bit of swimming, a bit of gym (not going overboard there with enthusiasm), more-than-slightly overweight, loves food (mainly bread – there’s your answer to the overweight thing!), and amusing.  That’s a matter of opinion of course. 

Oh and Breast Cancer Survivor. 

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Poole Harbour

Poole Harbour
A favourite picture I took, of a favourite place of mine.