A Little Bit About Me

Born in the early 70’s, Mum to two fabulous children (biased of course – and this may change as they approach their teens!). Wife, Sister, Auntie, music lover (of most eras) and currently working in the IT Department for a company I joined on a temporary basis.  Ten years ago…

A normal 40-something, working (virtually) full-time, trying to juggle the logistics of kids’ activities, nagging the Husband and eating at silly-o’clock.  Aren’t we all like that…?

But I am also a wannabe-writer, have a love for researching family history, doing a bit of swimming, a bit of gym (not going overboard there with enthusiasm), more-than-slightly overweight, loves food (mainly bread – there’s your answer to the overweight thing!), and funny.  That’s a matter of opinion of course. 

Oh and Breast Cancer Survivor. 

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Poole Harbour

Poole Harbour
A favourite picture I took, of a favourite place of mine.