I don’t think I’ve ever been 100% happy with my ‘do’.

I spent years in my teens in the 80’s, perming it (or rather being the model/victim for my cousin’s new hairdressing career!). Then growing OUT the curls, then straightening it.

It was never really shorter than shoulder length and I ALWAYS had a fringe…a la the scruffy look here in this picture…! 

Will I lose my hair?

Every day, I’d get up, and fret about how the hair looks.

Most of the time I gave up trying to tame it, so up it went in a butterfly clip.

Couple of grips for the wispy bits and voila!  Tidy.   

Hair loss wasn’t the first thing I thought about when I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, because it was just all a bit surreal. 

After the two surgeries, I met with the Oncologist.  She confirmed Chemotherapy would be given and went through a few of the side effects.

She did say ‘it’s likely you will lose most or all of your hair with this, probably by the end of the third round’. (I’d be having 6 in total).

I reacted with the ‘oh ok, I’ll cross that bridge when it happens’ view, and put it to the back of my mind.  Maybe, I thought naively, it may NOT happen.

It was just more information to take in at the time. 

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