A New Look

Shave my head

A New Look

What a reaction…

My husband found it really hard to shave my head. Especially with a distraught wife sat in front of him.

Afterwards, he said how much better it looked. 

But I was worried how the children would feel when they saw me.   


My daughter, aged 9 at the time, had seen it had thinned right down, and the haircut at the weekend I’d had, but I’d worn my hat around the house.   

My son on the other hand, who was 12 at the time, had gone away on the Friday afternoon for the weekend with his Rugby club, waving goodbye to a mum with a head of (albeit thinner) hair.  He returned on Sunday afternoon to his Mum wearing a scarf.

He looked a bit shocked as he got off the mini-bus and I explained that I’d had a haircut and it looked so different.  I kept a scarf on for the rest of the day, then Monday morning they went off to school.  It was Chemo day – the second cycle of FEC, so I decided to wait until they got home later to remove my scarf. 

I was surprised at their reactions.  They both reacted differently but not in the way I’d expected.

My son looked shocked.  Very shocked.  He didn’t want to touch my head, and he had a job to hug me, which was VERY unusual for him.  I played it down and gave him space, but after he left the room, I was in bits.

After a few days he did come around, and he got used to seeing me like that, as I didn’t want to have to cover up around the house. 

My daughter, who has always been a Mummy’s girl, 9 going on 19 said…..”oh it looks great Mummy!  It quite suits you!!”. 

The next people I would have to show, would be the Parents.  My Mum-in-Law was very complimentary and I felt at ease not wearing a scarf at her house. 

It was MY Parents that I was nervous about showing.   

I sat in their lounge.  My Sister was there at the time too. “Shall I take my scarf off and show you?” 

My Sister and Dad both said “yeah come on then!!” Smiling. 

My Mum, hesitated and said “oh no, I don’t want to see”. 

I said “oh, why not??” quite indignantly. 

“I don’t know….oh ok then”.  So off it came.  Mum didn’t hide her shock.  It was like she didn’t want to look at me. 

But Dad and my Sister both said how much better it looked.  I went over to them. 

“See it’s not all gone, there’s still a bit of fluff on it!” I exclaimed. 

“Oh yeah!” said Dad, feeling my head.  My Sister did the same.  We had a laugh over a few things, then I turned to Mum. 

“Do you want to touch it?” 

“Oh no” she said.

“Well I’m not always going to wear the scarf so you may as well touch it” I said smiling.  But she wouldn’t.

I didn’t push it.  At the end of the day, this was her little girl…. And she did get used to seeing me at home like that.

I only revealed my bald-ish head to a handful of close friends.  I think my favourite line which left me laughing was: 

“Oh it looks great cos you haven’t got a funny shaped head!” 

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