Body Hair (Uh-oh!)

Body Hair (Uh-oh!)

Yes – so far I’ve only talked about the hair on my head.   

Yes – my hair fell out from other places. 

Yes – we need to cover the body hair subject! 

Pros and Cons (there are Pros??) 

Lets talk bad points first. 

1)  Head hair – I didn’t lose every single strand of hair on my head.  I was left with baby fuzz.  But to look at me across the room, I looked bald.  So I didn’t have that smooth head.  Weird feeling to have but I’d rather have had it ALL fall out. 

2)  Eyebrows – I kept my eyebrows until around the end of Chemo.  But that lulled me into a false sense of security.  As soon as treatment ended, they thinned out and I was left with a few loyal ones.  One thinned more than the other.  And for a VERY long time afterwards, one eyebrow was virtually back to full capacity, the other couldn’t be bothered to grow and is still very faint! 

3)  Same for eye lashes.  I never had thick long ones to start with, and always had to wear mascara (that was the extent of my eye makeup). At the end of treatment I had about half a dozen little fair hairs left on each top lid.  And that’s the way they remained for months afterwards.  I finally managed to wear a little mascara (without looking like a toddler had drawn on me) 8 months post Chemo.  10 months on, they’re not back fully. 

4)  Nose hair.  You don’t really think about this when you think of hair loss.  But I know why it’s important we have it!  Runny nose, more sensitive to smells, dust, and – to my children’s amusement – I found that if I squeezed my nostrils together they stayed stuck together and I had to pull them apart!  A new party trick… 

5)  Most of the hair on the body went – arms, legs, even the fair hairs on the tummy, and yes the nether regions.  This, for some women, is a big thing to get used to. 

So…are there positive aspects to this??  

1)  Showering was much quicker; 

2)  Getting ready to go out of the house – much quicker; 

3)  Only one bottle of scalp shampoo was purchased in a year; 

4)  No leg/armpit shaving required, no bikini waxing needed! 

5)  No hairdressing costs. 

6)  Hairy forearms were no more (not that mine were particularly dark, but nevertheless) 

7)  No annoying chin hairs! 

8)  No FFF…. fair face fuzz – completely disappeared, my skin was so smooth. 

9)  In fact when certain bits did start to re-grow, I was a bit disappointed!  I wanted the head hair back really quickly and the rest could stay away if it wanted to! 

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