Hair Growth Update 2020

Hair We Are!

It’s been 2 years and 9 months since my last dose of Chemotherapy and the hair has been ‘weird’ (my daughter’s words).

  • Do I cut it? Maybe a little.
  • Do I leave it? And then the style disappears.
  • Do I put a fringe in? A la pre-Cancer?  Nope – can’t do it.
  • Do I colour it? Tried that – red! But not red enough and if I tilt my head in a certain light, it shows.
  • Do I straighten it? It’s not thick enough.  And it makes me look older!

So, OK, some patches are thin, some bits are thicker, some bits are fuzzy, some bits are curly.

I’ve embraced the curls, please don’t disappear!! I can’t go back to perming lotions!! (I was only about 17 in this picture – it was the fashion…honestly!)

Permed Hair 1980s

My hair has definitely come back darker than it was before, and I am extremely fortunate not to have much of a ‘silver shimmer’ down the sides either.

I have hair. I know. And although I think back to the time I didn’t, and I am grateful for it returning, it’s human nature if something’s annoying you about yourself, you’re gonna moan!

Product use has increased dramatically. Some days it’s just – well – crispy.

I now have a range of dream curls pots and cans and tubes, just to try and keep the body in my hair. And they do work.  I also use a lightweight styling cream which can transform my hair in the morning.

I CANNOT leave the house without having to do SOMETHING with it.  Gone are the days of sticking it up in a butterfly clip.  Actually now, just to answer the door I need to make sure it doesn’t look like this.

Hair Growth Update 2020

I have swapped and changed shampoos since the hair grew a bit more.  I used to suffer dreadfully with itchy, flaky scalp, and greasy hair, mainly down to my oily skin.  But that has thankfully disappeared since Chemotherapy.  Weird isn’t it? Hair doesn’t get greasy at all now – just goes limp if it needs washing, and I don’t have flaky scalp.

However that’s not to say that it could re-appear.  When my hair started to grow again, I tried a number of recommended shampoos to encourage growth, but they made my head itch.

Now I stick to the Herbal Essences Detox range – White Tea and Mint Shine.  I have tried a couple of others in that range, but that is my favourite.  My hair feels great, I still only need to use a small amount and I only use a conditioner about twice a month, because the hair still feels ‘new’.

However, it does now need a good cut.  It’s been trimmed and shaped, but well at the moment, like many people – I can’t get a cut. Because of the Virus beginning with C which we are all fed up of hearing about, but very scared of at the same time.

At the time of writing this – April 2020, I’m on 12 weeks isolation at home and the UK is in lock-down. No hairdresser salons are open anyway.

So, clips have now seen the light of day again and I shall patiently wait.

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