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Going For Bust:  Local Support – Worth Supporting!

Article Written for Going For Bust, April 2019

In November 2016 I was diagnosed with Stage 2 Invasive Lobular Breast Cancer, aged 43 years old.  Shocked, was an understatement.  Diagnosed and treated at Poole Hospital, a large tumour was removed over two surgeries, and then I had Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy after.  I am currently taking Hormone Therapy medicine to reduce the risk of the disease returning.  They did say they were going to ‘throw everything at me’ and they certainly did!  It wasn’t an easy ride; I struggled with the Chemo, and mentally afterwards too.  The effects still rumble on now with the body adjusting to side effects from drugs, and also adjusting to a ‘new normal’.

Support is out there.  Although not easy, I did reach out.  And once I did, it gave me so much relief, and I continue to see the people who helped me in those early, recovery days.

I have also found therapy in writing. At the time of diagnosis and throughout treatment, I didn’t want to write, I just wanted to get better. I decided to do something with my words (my chatter) by creating a website called Cancer…Me? Really??  Written in my way – a little humour, a little sarcasm, and a lot of heart.

Part of wanting to get my website noticed was to contact/visit local Cancer support centres, as well as Breast Cancer charity shops and Going For Bust was my first port of call.

Going for Bust Shops

A few weeks ago I made a trip to my local Going for Bust shop in Broadstone.  I’d often popped into the branch for a browse and picked up a few bits, since the shop opened.  It’s nice and bright inside, nicely laid out and the people in there are very friendly.

Going For Bust Broadstone


It didn’t take much persuading for Helen, the store’s Manager to agree to place some of my Business Cards for my Website on the desk in the shop.

Feeling rather chuffed that they felt really happy to display them, I decided to see if there were any other branches in the local area.  To my surprise, their website showed 12 of them!

As much as it’d make a nice day out driving out to Lymington, Lyndhurst and/or Verwood, I thought I’d better stick to the closer ones for now!

So I met Jo (Shop Manager) at High Street Poole branch, Jackie (Shop Manager/Relief Manager) at Ashley Cross Poole that day, and then visited Wimborne (love Wimborne!) to see their newly opened Support Centre.

All were really happy for me to leave some cards with them and I stood and chatted with them for a while.  Meeting Jackie was great and she was telling me the history of the business, how Breast Cancer affected her and how much the business has grown over the past 5 years.  They are all very excited about the new Support Centre!

Going For Bust

New Support Centre, The Square, Wimborne

Well – I could not visit it, now could I!

Personally, I love coming to Wimborne.

I love the Town – the shops, coffee places, and Minster surroundings.  It’s about 4.5 miles from my home to the centre of Town and it’s easy to park.  The new Going for Bust Support Centre has a great position on the Square and is signed well on the door and windows on the ground floor.

Based on the 2nd floor of the building, it is deceivably small from the top of the stairs, however once you go in, you are met with light, warm areas to sit and chat, have a coffee, have a treatment, or browse the post-Surgery Bra Service or Wig room.

I was rather taken back by the cheery face that opened the door as I knocked – a nice lady called Michelle who said ‘Hi – you must be Claire!’

Erm….yesssssss, but I didn’t call in advance…. no – Jackie had called ahead and said I might be popping in!  So I was INSTANTLY welcomed and she showed me around.

Going For Bust Wigs

The Wig room, gave me a real ‘wow’ factor when I walked in.  The Going For Bust consultants are qualified to be able to provide advice, consultation and styling if required on the Wigs they can provide.  Michelle told me about testimonials from clients who have been really happy with their purchase and the relief the customer feels when they are able to walk around feeling comfortable, looking great, especially out in public.

The other service I was really pleased at seeing was the Post-Surgery Bra Service, a specialist who can advise on the type of bra you may need following surgery.  They had a few out on display together with swimsuits too.  I didn’t think about looking for a service like this following my Surgery, I immediately thought about normal shops selling Bras, and went trawling through racks for the odd one or two designs available.

The Centre had chairs dotted around and half a dozen in the quiet coffee area.  Lovely pictures hung on the walls, warm colours made it feel cosy.  Definitely a nice place to sit and relax.  I’d love to see it when there are more people in and see how the atmosphere changes.

It’s early days for the Support Centre in Wimborne, and the aim at the moment is to get people to make contact and through the door, so that Going For Bust can increase their client list and make them aware of the services available.

For more information on Going For Bust, please visit www.goingforbust.co.uk

If you’d like to read about my story further, including seeing this article about Going for Bust on my website, please go to www.cancermereally.co.uk

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