For the Fab Feb Girls

For The Fab Feb Girls

I stand for a while, I look and see

The shadow of someone, I once knew as me.

The tears come and go, “I need to be stronger!”

I shout at the mirror – “come on how much longer?!”


I know I’m not well yet, I know I’m not right

Accepting the struggle, is part of the fight.

I wish I could wave a wand in the air

To make me become recognisable Claire.


But that will take time – it’s been over a year

And I won’t forget that you’ve all been here.

Support and advice, laughter and tears

I hope that our friendship lasts many years ? xx

Claire D Evans

Thank you, Jo, for posting that too.

Update 15 January 2020

Today was a very emotional day. Today I attended the funeral of one of the Fab Feb Girls. Maria xx
Online we ranted, we cried, we asked questions, shared photos, and we laughed. A lot.

Maria had more than her fair share of issues, and unfortunately, Cancer returned quickly and took hold. We felt helpless. All we could do was try and lift her spirits. When she passed, we felt so sad for her, her sons, her family. But also guilt, fear and anxiety.

Meeting her family, including her Sons who did her very proud, a couple of us were able to say goodbye and pay our respects on behalf of those of our group who couldn’t make it, as we’re dotted all over the country.

Cancer Support is so important. Reach out. Whether you are the patient or the supporter xxxx

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