There Were Times

There Were Times

There were times, there still are times

It takes me by surprise

My body just doesn’t want to work

My thoughts just turn to whys.


My Poem There Were Times

Why did Cancer show its face?

Why did it start to grow?

Why did my body react this way?

Some things we’ll never know.


The mind has suffered, it’s fair to say

It’s got its own things to fight

The memory struggles with simplest things

Like getting my words out right.


‘The thingy – you know – the hot thing!

The oven, that’s right, please turn on’.

Why am I putting the salt in the fridge?

And where has the boiling thing gone?


My Poem There Were Times

It helps if you’re in the right room,

It’s a kettle, remember? The word?

Walking into the room for a task

Then doing something completely absurd.


People will say that they do that,

But they’ve not had treatment like this.

They’re only trying to make you feel better

That something is not that amiss.


But these things they happen daily

The treatment we know is the link,

Time is a healer they say all the time

Well I’m done with waiting, I think!

Claire D Evans