Tips for a Successful Interview

Tired At Work

4 Feb 2021

My Tips for a Success Online Interview

For anyone who is job hunting, and lucky enough to get an interview during this pandemic, here are my tips for preparing for the meeting. I will use Microsoft Teams as my example.

  1.  Get up more than half an hour before said interview.
  2.  Find that GOOD hairbrush you buried in the cupboard last March.
  3.  Dust off the foundation compact and unclog the mascara.
  4.  Look through the wardrobe past all the cosy jumpers you have been wearing for months, and find that washed out favourite ‘interview’ top.
  5.  Then cover it up with you favourite burgundy cardi that goes with everything.
  6.  Change your pyjama bottoms for black trousers.
  7.  With half an hour to go, walk around in circles and take the good advice your daughter/son gives you of ‘stop panicking – it’s only an interview, it’s not the end of the world’.
  8.  Scowl at daughter/son.
  9.  Make a cup of tea. Ignore the half bottle of red wine on the side.
  10.  Stop looking at it.
  11.  Five minutes to go, make sure children are tied up safely in their bedrooms. Ok maybe not tied up. But they are BANNED from downstairs until you tell them they can come down.
  12.  Log onto Teams, log into Outlook and make sure you can see the Join Meeting button.
  13.  Do not under any circumstances restart your laptop!
  14.  Make sure your camera is working and turn off the wall light behind you. You look possessed.
  15.  When you connect and you have 3 people now staring at you, open with a big smile and start talking. ✔✔
  16.  Finally after 10 seconds of people trying to get your attention, unmute yourself.
    Good luck!!

Claire D Evans