Twas The Friday Before Christmas

Poem written in hospital

Twas the Friday Before Christmas
And all through the ward
Not a creature was stirring
Just me who was bored…

It was just after 5
When I looked at the clock,
Shall I start writing?
I’ve a big mental block.

That’s cos it’s too early!
The night has been calm
I’ve not been awoken
By the patients alarm.

I’ve just had the usual
Obs through the night,
They mean well but always
Give me a fright.

The blood pressure beeps,
The pulse thingy too,
Something sticks in your ear!
Thermometer – phew!

And then there was peace
Unlike night before,
Being asked what you want
For breakfast – at 4!?!

I wasnt that happy
And nor were the few,
We’d just snuggled down
After obs no.2.

Then there were nights
Where you felt for the team
Having to cope
With ream after ream…

Of notes for the patients
That suddenly came
Beds were a filling
And they upped their game.

Nurses were rushing
To sort out the care
Doors banging, there’s shouting,
But laughter is there.

And then it was calm,
Quiet..lets snooze!
Nope someone sounds like
Like they’d been on the booze.

Yep – making a call
At 4 in the morn?
All I could manage was
To constantly yawn.

But last night was calmer
Two of us in the bay,
Since Sunday I’d stayed –
It was Friday today.

It was ever so eerie
At 5am, gone.
I looked out the window
A few lights were on.

I layed in the quiet
Mind thinking again,
Home soon I hope
So just tell me when!


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